Blender 3D Basics Course

Blender 3D is a powerful creation tool that allows you create environments, 3D assets and animations. These can be applied across a wide range of industries in the digital sector, from game development, cartoons and VR/AR Applications.

Course Description

Students will learn how to interact with Blender 3D UI, Learn the basic tools of blender and even model several simple 3D assets at the end of the course.

Course Method

The course is offered through live sessions via Zoom or Google meet, the tutor will take the students through all aspects of the basics of blender in an open environment where curiosity and questions are encouraged for maximum absorption.

The Live courses are offered from 9:00PM -10:00PM Weekdays for a maximum of 12 lessons to bring the course to 12 hours of learning. Individual students can arrange for alternative times between 7:00PM on Weekdays. Students can request for a 2 hour class instead of 1 hour.

Blender PC/Laptop Requirements

Prerequisites of blender

These are the system requirements for Blender 2.8 according to


  • 32-bit dual core 2Ghz CPU with SSE2 support
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1280×768 Display
  • Mouse or trackpad
  • OpenGL 3.3 compatible graphics with 512 MB RAM


  • 64-bit quad core CPU
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Full HD display
  • Three button mouse
  • OpenGL 3.3 compatible graphics with 2 GB RAM


  • 64-bit eight core CPU
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Full HD displays
  • Three button mouse and graphics tablet
  • Dual OpenGL 3.3 compatible graphics cards with 4 GB RAM

Keep in mind that a 3-button mouse is recommended and for an optimal experience a graphics tablet is good to have. The graphics tablet in this case will be used for drawing or sculpting in most cases. In this basic introductory series, we won’t use a graphics tablet, but we will assume a 3-button mouse. The tutor will take the students through the installation and set process once the minimum requirements are met.

Course Cost

The complete course is KES 3,000, Once the student fills in the form payment details will be forwarded via email and once the payment is complete they will receive a course breakdown and other relevant resources in their respective emails.

How to apply

fill in the form below to apply for the course.