Under Sieke is a PC FPS that is being developed by Starjabu Digital. The team of two developers at Starjabu Games is complimented by other partners including James Ngahu(Jaymoh Music) providing sound design support.

Starjabu Games is taking point position and leading the project, We are developing the first level, all game mechanics and visuals for Under Sieke.


Under Sieke – Attack on Ngome la Hewa is a first person shooter being developed for Windows PC by Starjabu Games and other partners. Under Sieke follows an enhanced human , Ogoxo as he encounters unknown threats and robot soldiers who have been reprogrammed by Chief General Babayao to attack Ngome la hewa(Air Citadel), the seat of power of the new African air colony that stays perched above the skies. Ogoxo is the heir apparent to the kingdom who after a diplomatic journey is welcomed by an invasion that took part in his absence. The primary robot force made up of light T-51 Mtiaji robots have been hacked and are now on alert to shoot down any one opposing Chief General Babayao.

Though not the strongest of the kingdoms robots, The T-51 Mtiaji robot was easily compromised due to its less superior operating system and simple AI design. General Babayao is hunting down all robot AI scientists to help him hack the more lethal hardware. It is upon you to shoot your way through and liberate all air substations and head towards the central core of the administrative district to liberate the ruling council and stop the general.


Under Sieke is a shooter game in which players experience gameplay from the first-person perspective. The player’s head-up display (HUD) shows real-time information on player health, pick-ups and abilities(armor/shield). The HUD also has a motion tracker that detects enemies, and drones within a certain radius of the player. The game sees the player battle against the primary protection robot force that is made up of the T-51 Mtiaji robot brigade. As the player plays through the air substations they will encounter more advanced robot reinforcements as Chief General continues his hacking strategy upon the Air colony’s defense forces.


Under Sieke’s story mode(attack on Ngome La Hewa), takes you through 8 single player levels as you shoot your way through the various air substations headed to the central core where the heart of the insurrection resides.

Katambe mode is the multiplayer mode that allows players to link up in groups of 6 players per team to transverse the air colonies of new Africa and to defeat the other team. Travel across the air colonies in drone airships to fight for the right to rule the air colonies.

Setting & Characters

Under Sieke takes place in the futuristic science setting in the year 2535. Africa is now governed by one government drawn from the various African countries, The African ruling elite and government forces now reside in the air, thousands of feet above the ground of the free Kenyan county, anti-gravity technology was discovered in the year 2130 and went on to be used for strategic purposes across the globe.


Starjabu Games has two developers(Erick Njue & Brenda Murugi) & one sound designer(James Ngahu) working actively on level one of the Under Sieke Series, plans and negotiations are under way to involve other studios and individuals to provide visual support for animations and trailers, 3d modelling and level design for the FPS series. Under Sieke has been in active development since November 2021 with the art direction, game play mechanics and visual aspects of the game being developed entirely by Starjabu Games.