We are creating games and applications that are adapted from unique African cultural practices, experiences and modern social dynamics.

About Starjabu

Starjabu Digital

Starjabu Digital is a Kenyan registered company that specializes in video games, interactive education solutions and e-commerce. The team is currently made up of three people who are gamers at heart and who understand the need to create games and applications with a distinct African identity. We are complimented by a wide network of young professionals who are available to work on collaborative projects.

Nduthi - Kevo's Hustle

Nduthi - Kevo's Hustle is a casual

mobile Kenyan game that is in

active development

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H&S Guide

The Health & Safety Interactive guide is a mobile productivity app that features gamification/

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Starjabu Supashop

Starjabu Supashop is a vendor-driven online store that supports young

Kenyan entrepreneurs.

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Education Solutions

We are developing interactive learning solutions that are tailor-made for Kenyan students.

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Nduthi-Kevo's Hustle: From concept to reality

We are glad to announce that we are about to roll out the Nduthi mobile game on Google Play Store.

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Nduthi game coming soon! New
Let's Work Together
As the digital industry takes off in Africa, there is a greater need to collaborate and work together. We are setting up an organizational structure to allow for artists, programmers and fans of games from Africa and across the world  to work together. We invite indie developers, publishers and other strategic partners to join us in narrating African stories through interactive digital arts.
Be a part of a new frontier in Africa

As Africa embraces a new digital reality, there is need to create a conducive environment for business.

We Believe in:

  • Innovation through Collaboration
  • Sharing knowledge and skills
  • Art with a purpose & a mission
  • A self-sutaining African digital industry
is ready for Games!
"We are a small studio with a big heart".

As hardcore gamers and technology enthusiasts we are interested in the African digital arts landscape and the progression in the industry across the continent. We envision a time when Africa will have a self sustaining technological ecosystem, comprised of natively developed tripple A game titles, mobile games and applications.

Erick Njue, Chief Creative Officer
We have a plan

Execution should be preceded by a well informed plan, Our goal is to build a digital powerhouse that harnesses the potential of natives and provides the market with unique digital electronic products.


we love developing games

and innovative applications


We want to build new digital African experiences


We operate at the edge of imagination

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