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About Starjabu

Starjabu Digital Solutions Limited is a Kenyan Registered company that develops products and offers services in the interactive technologies sector. Starjabu Digital also provides consultation services in interactive technologies & advanced training for university students on software development.

We also partner with other entities in the technology space both locally and internationally to provide immersive interactive products and services.


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What Products & Services We Offer For You

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Content Digitization

We provide content digitization services to publishing houses and organizations in the education sector.

Game Development

We are partnering with artists, programmers and studios to develop new exiting African titles.


We train university students on the skills needed to develop and launch interactive applications.


We offer consultative services to organizations on implementing interactive technologies to their core functions in training and visualization

Starjabu VR

We are partnering with Yelbridges and Caustic visuals to bring you immersive VR experiences!

Starjabu Games

Explore our latest game project here!

Starjabu Edulab

Starjabu Edulab develops and provides various services and products

Content Digitizatization

Bring your technical illustrations to life

We digitize illustrations for publishers and organizations for technical books, journals and course work


Training for university students

We provide basic and advanced training in interactive technologies skills to students pursuing technology courses

Alfajiri Science App

A mobile science app

We are developing a new way for highschool students to learn and visualize scientific concepts right in the palm of their hands

Starjabu Edulab

Check out our latest courses in Blender and Unity – 50% off

Blender 3D Basics Course

KSH 2000 .00


Learn the basics of blender interface, tools and features

Blender 3D Advanced Course

KSH 3500 .00


Explore the advanced tools in blender for complex hard surface modelling

Unity – First VR App

KSH 5000 .00


Build your very first Virtual Reality application combining Blender 3D and Unity 3D!

Some of Our Clients & Partners

Starjabu Digital partners with various entities to develop interactive products for enterprise and education purposes. We also provide specialized services in content digitization for organizations in the education sector.

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Catch the latest news and buzz on the newest trends in new and emerging technologies.

Content Digitization

What is content digitization? Technical books are constantly being authored and revised, with this…

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