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Starjabu Digital is a Kenyan tech company with interests in the video games industry & the digital education sector.

Innovative Education Solutions

Starjabu Edulab

Starjabu Edulab is dedicated to developing innovative educations solutions for Africa and the world. We develop mobile & PC education applications, offer content digitization services to organizations and institutions & develop education resources for the Kenyan CBC curriculum.

Content Digitization
Content Digitization

We digitize education content for organizations & institutions.

Education Resources
Education Resources

We design and print education material for the Kenyan CBC curriculum.

Alfajiri Academy
Alfajiri Academy

A science learning mobile and PC platform for High-school students that is currently under development.


We design and develop learning management systems for institutions.


Starjabu Games

We are working on our own in-house games and also partnering with game developers from across the world to design and develop games with a unique African identity.

Innovative enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Software Solutions

Starjabu Digital is creating software solutions for
businesses to make visualizaion easier.
Explore the various the IIST solution.

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Some Artwork from our studio

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