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Starjabu Digital is a Kenyan tech company with interests in the video games industry & the digital education sector.

Innovative Education Solutions

Starjabu Edulab

Starjabu Edulab is dedicated to developing innovative educations solutions for Africa and the world. We develop mobile & PC education applications, offer content digitization services to organizations and institutions & develop education resources for the Kenyan CBC curriculum.

Content Digitization
Content Digitization

We digitize education content for organizations & institutions.

Education Resources
Education Resources

We design and print education material for the Kenyan CBC curriculum.

Alfajiri Academy
Alfajiri Academy

A science learning mobile and PC platform for High-school students that is currently under development.


We design and develop learning management systems for institutions.

Edulab sample artwork for our clients


Starjabu Games

We are working on our own in-house games and also partnering with game developers from across the world to design and develop games with a unique African identity.

Innovative enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Software Solutions

Starjabu Digital is creating software solutions for
businesses to make visualizaion easier.
Explore the various the IIST solution.

Virtual Reality

We are patnering with YellBridges to bring you immersive VR experiences

We are venturing into a new frontier with visionaries and industry hard hitters to develop immersive VR applications in academia & real estate, stay tuned!

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Some Artwork from our studio

Here are a few snapshots of some of our products & projects!

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