TVET Book Digitization

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TVET book digitization involves converting the written and illustrated content of a technical book into electronic media. These electronic media is then presented in a format that is accessible via mobile devices and computers through an online platform or stand alone system. These involves improving the illustrations and artwork of the technical book into high fidelity 2D and 3D illustrations, converting the artwork to 2D and 3D animations and lastly developing an e-learning platform that has the illustrations, animations and course work presented in a format that is accessible to learners and course instructors via the web or stand alone systems. The content of the book will then be available in electronic format and can include features such as student assessment, course progress tracking and many more as per the preference of the client.

Process of TVET book digitization

  1. Illustrations & artwork upgrade: TVET courses are largely illustration heavy with many processes that need clear, original and precise artwork so as to enable learners to visualize and apply the content to practical environments. We analyze all the initial artwork of the book in consultation with course experts and instructors with an aim of improving the overall visual experience. The artwork and illustrations are then revised to achieve high levels of 2D/3D graphical fidelity with emphasis on creating visually stimulating illustrations that compliment the learners ability to visualise and internalise the course content.
  2. Digitization of the course content: This involves combining the course text, illustrations & animation content into an e-learning platform and Learning Management System (LMS). This allows the learners to access the course via the web and on stand alone mobile and computer platforms. The learning management system offers a membership system where learners can create personalized student accounts, access the respective course work online, take part in surveys and assessments, track course progress and interact with fellow learners and course instructors.

This service is offered for individual books.