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Nduthi 2.0 Development Update

Category : Game Development

As we continue developing Nduthi 2.0 the Kenyan Android game here are the latest developments:

New Features

New features include a complete customer pick up and drop-off system , a mini-map showing player, customers and customer drop-off points. We are also working on more Kenyan inspired artwork for the game buildings and environment.

Nduthi 2.0-Kevo’s Hustle

We are also working on the Nduthi 2.0(Kevo’s Hustle) comic that takes you on the journey of Kevoh as he struggles after college to get a job, eventually settling in the Boda Boda industry.


Below is a video of the latest stage of development, take the role of Kevoh and ride around looking for customers on your brand new Nduthi. Check it out:

As we continue development we hope to add a few more features before releasing the game on Google Play-store. We are also interested in partnering with like-minded individuals and entities in this project.

Nduthi 2.0

Category : Game Development

Initial Release(2017)

Nduthi was the first game that we developed that was meant to have a working beta. The main aim was to test the market of Kenyan developed mobile games. In 2017 we created the first working prototype and distributed it through our company website as an APK. Through this initial release we were able to get feedback from a small group of players who downloaded the game from our website.

Below are some screenshots of game-play & Splash Screen for the initial release(2017):

After engagement from all our testers we knew that we had to do an entire overhaul of the game, from the graphics, game-play and literally every aspect of the game.

Second Release(Nduthi 2.0 – 2020)

Nduthi 2.0 will feature two distinct modes: Speed Run and Hustla. In speed run you avoid obstacles at varying speeds on a never ending highway, utilizing speed bombs and speed variations to zoom as far as you can without a collision. Husla mode allows a player to enter the street and roam at will searching for customers so as to earn some pesa! In husla the police will not be friendly and you are sure to avoid them!

Husla Mode in Nuthi 2.0(Beta)

Speed Run in Nduthi 2.0 (Beta)

Work In Progress

Nduthi 2.0 is in the active development phase. There is need to take as much time and resources as we can in order to make a game that will be enjoyable and visually stimulating. At Starjabu Digital we have our noses to the Grindstone, always aiming to out do our greatest accomplishments.

The game has had challenges with the studio taking the whole load of development, publishing, outreach and marketing but we believe in the power of possibility and we are constantly pushing to realise our goals.

We hope to release the game in June 2020 if our development schedule is maintained. Thanks to all our fans and supporters.

Nduthi Safety Campaign

The Nduthi Safety Campaign seeks to promote the responsible & safe riding of Boda bodas. We aim to make artwork & videos to create awareness about safety practices, customer etiquette and general knowledge. Feel free to download the posters!

E-learning and Content Digitization

Category : LMS

E-learning platforms provide access of education content to learners in real-time and from any location. These platforms are able to provide a rich learning experience, complete with learner customization options, assessment, course progress tracking and grading systems. Content digitization on the other hand, involves converting educational content into media that can be accessed on electronic platforms. These include: web based and stand alone mobile and computer platforms. Educational content has mainly existed in hard copy and physical media such as books. This limits the content to only those who have access to the books.

Starjabu Digital provides content digitization services to entities seeking to digitize educational content. The service is tailor made and customized to suite the clients specific education content and expected outcomes in terms of the objectives for their courses.

The process of digitization involves the following:

Developing the course content and aligning it to the respective curriculum: This involves authoring of the course content, structuring the content in deliverable units and creating objectives for each unit. This is done by a course expert with authority and knowledge of the respective field. The content is then formatted and prepared in a print ready format for publishing.

Developing illustrations and animations for the course content: This involves creating original artwork, animations and motion graphics for the education content. These illustrations and animations provide important learning resources for the learners and offer a better way to visualize and internalize the content of the course. The illustrations are used in the published book of the respective course, our illustrations employ 2D and 3D high fidelity graphics that are tailor made to the specific course. The animations are used in the Learning management systems and e-learning platforms to enhance the learning experience.

Digitization of the course content: This involves combining the developed course, illustrations & animation content into an e-learning platform and Learning Management System (LMS). This allows the learners to access the course via the web and on stand alone mobile and computer platforms. The learning management system offers a membership system where learners can create personalized student accounts, access the respective course work online, take part in surveys and assessments, track course progress and interact with fellow learners and course instructors.

The whole process of digitization is tailor made and customized as per a client’s specific needs. These include: the amount of course content to be developed and digitized, the amount of illustrations and animations to be developed and the level of features a client would like to be integrated in the LMS.

At the final stage a client will have course content in a publishable format, original artwork and animations with copyrights that are owned by the client and a customized e-learning platform.

Samples of some illustrations and animations done for a client

All Rights Reserved

For more inquiries about E-Learning and Content Digitization, kindly contact Starjabu Digital Team via email: