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Nduthi 2.0 Development Update

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As we continue developing Nduthi 2.0 the Kenyan Android game here are the latest developments:

New Features

New features include a complete customer pick up and drop-off system , a mini-map showing player, customers and customer drop-off points. We are also working on more Kenyan inspired artwork for the game buildings and environment.

Nduthi 2.0-Kevo’s Hustle

We are also working on the Nduthi 2.0(Kevo’s Hustle) comic that takes you on the journey of Kevoh as he struggles after college to get a job, eventually settling in the Boda Boda industry.


Below is a video of the latest stage of development, take the role of Kevoh and ride around looking for customers on your brand new Nduthi. Check it out:

As we continue development we hope to add a few more features before releasing the game on Google Play-store. We are also interested in partnering with like-minded individuals and entities in this project.